Roundhouse Swim School

When you can swim well, the world changes.  There is so much to see and do in water… from surfing and body boarding to high diving, to synchronised swimming and to snorkelling and scuba diving amongst the wonders of the world.  To be able to see and do all these amazing things we must first learn to swim safely, and competently, so that it becomes second nature.  Swimming is not just an incredible sport, it is a life skill.


Learning to swim is an incredible journey that takes time to move from the poolside to swimming independently.  Here at Roundhouse Swim School we believe that everyone learns to swim in very different ways, with different needs and fears.  Not everyone can blow bubbles or look underwater or confidently float on their backs…. And everyone learns at very different speeds.  Therefore we believe in a more individual, tailor made approach, with the emphasis on fun – most of the time children will not realise we are teaching them to swim (and possibly, nor will you!).  But using the Swim England FUNdamentals approach with games based learning and stroke development allows for children to grow in confidence and strength whilst developing a lifelong enjoyment of the water and swimming.

I do this by specialising in exclusive one on one lessons in a private pool that allows every swimmer to progress at their own pace maximising their development and confidence, regardless of their starting point.